The eve of the 2020 election, a posse of progressives ride into red country armed with heart humor and naiveté.

From the mind of Tony award-winning actress, Tonya Pinkins comes a progressive dystopia nightmare. Shot by cinematographer John Hudak Jr., Red Pill is a visually stunning metaphor for all our fears and a reminder that there are worse things than death.

Cassandra (Tonya Pinkins) is a black American woman fearful for the fate of her country in the next election. Election weekend 2020, she reluctantly accompanies her best friend Rocky, land preserver activist (Ruben Blades) and his wife Emelia (Luba Mason), her roommate Lily (Kathyrn Erbe), friend Nick (Jake O’Flaherty) and partner Bobby (Adesola Osakalumi) to canvas in newly blue Virginia.

As the friends arrive at their “Super-Host” housing, they encounter signs that point to possible trouble and before the weekend is over their fight for the country becomes a fight for their lives.



Dysgenesis, Clinton Road, The Incoherents, Jackie Boy


The Glorias, Salt, Captive State, Fighting, The Giver


A stunt performer since 2007 and working on many feature films, including Ghostbusters, central Intelligence, Salt, The Town, Knight and Day, Men in Black and TED.

Tasos Eliopoulos

composer, performer, score


October 27, 2020
Tonya Pinkins’ Political Thriller Red Pill Explores the 2020 Election: ‘I Wrote My Own Personal Get Out’

Tony winner Tonya Pinkins is headlining Red Pill, a horror film which she wrote, directed and produced. The political thriller, which is focused on...

October 27, 2020
RED PILL Director Tonya Pinkins Interview –Black Lives Matter

RED PILL is a political thriller focusing on the upcoming presidential election. The film production first began in 2019, but the themes of “the...

October 27, 2020
‘Red Pill’: A Conversation with Tonya Pinkins on Her Upcoming Political Thriller

Tony award-winning actress and author Tonya Pinkins has written, directed and produced her first feature film, Red Pill. A political thriller, the...

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