What they say

In your face horror with a message… a whole new level of terrifying


Red Pill will have you shiving… this challenging and provocative horror film centered on a Black women is a double whammy of when the worst happens


Red Pill combines horror and comedy to score political points


The film is so visually stunning and creates a terrifying juxtaposition



The eve of the 2020 election, a posse of progressives ride into red country armed with heart humor and naiveté.

From the mind of Tony award-winning actress, Tonya Pinkins comes a progressive dystopia nightmare. Shot by cinematographer John Hudak Jr., Red Pill is a visually stunning metaphor for all our fears and a reminder that there are worse things than death.

Cassandra (Tonya Pinkins) is a black American woman fearful for the fate of her country in the next election. Election weekend 2020, she reluctantly accompanies her best friend Rocky, land preserver activist (Ruben Blades) and his wife Emelia (Luba Mason), her roommate Lily (Kathyrn Erbe), friend Nick (Jake O’Flaherty) and partner Bobby (Adesola Osakalumi) to canvas in newly blue Virginia.

As the friends arrive at their “Super-Host” housing, they encounter signs that point to possible trouble and before the weekend is over their fight for the country becomes a fight for their lives.


Tonya Pinkins

Producer, Casting, Production Designer

Mellicent Dyanne


Aquaila Barnes


Katie Rosin



Director of Photography

Scott Snell

Aerial Photography

Minji Kang



Sound Design

Tasos Eliopoulos

Original Music

Michael Barry

Supervising Sound Mix

Carter Little

Music Supervisor



May 27, 2021
Tony-winning actress to debut horror film at Hamilton festival

Tonya Pinkins knew she wanted to make a movie, and she knew she wanted it to address the terrors presented by our modern political climate. She knew...

March 31, 2021
Inspired by ‘Get Out,’ Tonya Pinkins Enters the Black Horror Film Arena with ‘Red Pill’

In the horror film, Red Pill, a group of liberal friends finds themselves fighting for their lives on the eve of the 2020 election in the hands...

March 29, 2021
Backstage Stories

Hosts: Marcia Pendleton Topics: Interview with Tonya Pinkins - Part I - Background - Journey as an artist - Interview...

March 29, 2021
Interview With Tonya Pinkins

Tonya Pinkins: Tony Award-Winning Actress, Writer, Producer and Director Tonya Pinkins is a Tony award-winning actor on stage,...

March 1, 2021
Red Pill will have you shivering

Red Pill is a horror film that is a blend of The Handmaid’s Tale and Get Out centered on a Black woman who needs to know her friends a hell of...

March 1, 2021
‘Red Pill’ a Cathartic Horror Film from the Brilliant Mind of Tony-Award Winner Tonya Pinkins

nspired by horror films like Get Out and Midsommar and enraged by 401 years of American white supremacy culminating into the Trump...

February 26, 2021
Red Pill Is In Your Face Horror With A Message – DarkSkyLady

Red Pill has bright colors, particularly its use of red, and some good acting. But its critique, albeit justified, of white people through a horror...

February 26, 2021
Horror and Comedy Meet Politics in “Red Pill”

Tony winning actress Tonya Pinkins is taking on roles both on screen and off in her latest project “Red Pill.” Pinkins is not only acting in the...

February 26, 2021
Tony Winner Tonya Pinkins Creates Her Own Cinematic Version Of ‘Get Out’

In the opening of the film Red Pill we experience a panoramic drone shot of the stunning pastoral Virginia landscape. It is autumn, the weekend...

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